Смотреть How to Download and Install uTorrent in Windows 10 онлайн

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This video shows you how to Download and Install uTorrent in Windows 10
Site Link (Scroll down until you see Download Classic uTorrent): https://www.utorrent.com/
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Видео How to Download and Install uTorrent in Windows 10 можно смотреть с помощью отличного плеера, который работает на любом мобильном устройстве - android, iOS и других популярных гаджетах.


Lonely Soul

thank you bloody basturd

The Fallen

why windows defender keeps blocking it and defender is messed up after detecting i uninstalled it again giving me notification everywhere whether i want to run a scan or open it it's everywhere

Venerael Forever

Thanks man your cool (•‿•)


Don't install uTorrent! Its a malware. Use BitTorrent it just like uTorrent but the green is purple.

Joe Fanchun

My antivirus block thia

Death Wish

Ehh my left ear ah ~_~

Akhil Ramesh

This site cant be reached

TQAF X3rx3sツ

I have a problem when It extracts utorrent nothing happens after that and I don't know why can someone please help me?


everytime i want to install torrent, i get blank white screen with nothing, someone help?!?!?!?!?!


Is this Bill Gates teaching me how to download torrent ?????

I uwu did something for once

It doesnt work for me dawg it wont let me do shit-

Rasindu Subodhana

thank you so much sir.

Viktar Anthony

it was like damn what happen to my earphone

Excuse Mee

Gdfguugzzsiom iiwjhskwoihs bsowkjebs skwi s sis d dowkhzgshwiw jhsjwjwjwbd

Monir Ctg

Thanks ❤❤❤????????????


When i install then say file extracting then File is Corrupted and Error.

Kunal Bisht

Wtf ... i was just clicking accept ..and it was not installing ????

AirJordan365 V2

I need help now when i uninstalled utorrent and redownload it, later it reinstalled and then it gave me nothing no utorrent app


Hi,Can You pls Solve my issue Whenever i complete the utorrent setup and and then i do all the steps it says except installing other softwares...When I complete the setup nothing happens I've Turned Off Everything including Firewall And Still Nothing Happens I'll try Thos Tutorial if this helps im Gonna LIke your Vid....Im using win10 My windows is activated


any website of utorrent i go to i cant get into


why for me says virus ???

Fionna Sheen Dimpas

Thanks for uploading this video it was really very helpful for me to download utorrent in my laptop


Mine doesnt work it just disappears

Zidangamer Roblox

I did download the utorrent but it said it was extracting but I don't know where it's extract

Hex ioath

it didn't work

Tarek ahmed

How can i Download video use utorrent

Jonathan Baraka

Hallo,I followed all your step but it didn't install.. when I place the prompt..it's saying it's removed...some help

raka singh

what is meant by
add an exception for utorrent in window firewall.

Jonnie Charlestone

It says if i want to make changest to this computer. I click yes then nothing happens. Wtf? It's not installing

Kumari jayasekara

Good teacher

Kumari jayasekara

I like this, Very good

Rmd Ratnayake

i heard on my left

Sarah Majin

Its not downloading

zarar ahmed hashmi

thanks it helped me

varun deshmukh

Simple way to install is by extracting it first

zoey x

When I click utorrent and it says do you want this app to make changes to your device I clicked yes and nothing happens??????


Keeps saying 'Access is denied'

bagtoy condor

thanks you bro.

Ayoub11 Djerroud

thanks you

Vamankumar Patel

yah left war reaally enjoy this....lol


I follow the same step but its just don't work, I felt like gonna smash my PC... ????????????????


are chinressss

bean VEVO

Is this dangerous?

Bindusheela Bhandari

my pc tells 'action denied' after 2:13
someone please helppp!!

shereu shereyas

thank u śō ṁūcḥ

Shihabul Islam

2:50 Boring????

im faace

windows security fucked up the instilation

Vijayakumar Sempun Govindarajan

Hi, can it be installed in a Non-Administrator User Profile?

ZeroThe Beast

It dosent open like it extracts and then nothing happens


It doesnt give me the option to decline additional apps

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