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Matilda Hale



My dog is named rose


I love the jotaro

Timo van Muijen

James, you're on trending in The Netherlands with this vid????????????

EaRtH wOrM sAdDiE

don’t disrespect joe like that

Mr Vorobey

This is probably my first comment on English-speaking YouTube channels. I just wanted to compliment James and see how many Russians watch his video in the original.

Team brothers

This was great

Shelby Plumb

My grandma loves 90 day fiancé, we watch it every night ????

Kudana Vadmont

By "crazy people" do you mean the thousands of people homeless on the streets with nothing but time to waste away as their healthcare and medical needs aren't met because they are considered "crazy" and in most cases not even human. I suggest using a different word since we created "crazy" people and people like yourself, keep that stigma going. Appreciate it.

Alex Tripsa

3:40 This short piece of animation made me laugh so fucking hard



tree YT

0:17 when he said my names I was like MY NAME IS EGGS BENEDICT

The Guide Guy

Should be wear your mask

the guyman

"He was a walking breathing protagonist..." starts quietly humming

Afifa Tasneem

Yare yare daze


No neck ed

- Sleepy Peach -

I like how the thumbnail is a Spongebob reference.

StarGhosts 5412

Hey uhhhhhh James, watcha ya looking at in lockdown. CELEBRITY Feet AND BUYING SUBSCRIBERS???? ( ik he doesn't do it as a hobby don't r/wooosh me & I deserve a Oscar)

Steven DeLong

when i heard that he watched 90 day fiancé i feared out bc my mom started watching it 4 months ago and now she's obsessed with it


Everyone's talking about James's search history, but no one's talking about James' camera person or how he never told us his addiction...

Kingshuk Monsur

I had no social life my daily life is like quarantine

Alejandro Juarez

Is it me or do these videos keep getting trashier and trashier each new video ??


Would you rather questions ???????? https://youtu.be/fgpMZPuLffE

Ross D

I've been working out for ten years. Made some great progress but I always see myself as the smallest guy in the gym. Moral of the story is do what you do for you not for someone else.

Marie Solier

Isnt he a cat person then why do you have s dog


Did y’all ever realize the stuff he searched?? 3:57

Mesh Luve draw

Your not going to see this but me and my brothers have been fans for a long time we love your content and ya just wanna say

Blue Noibat 2

If you were watching jaystation you would be in a great mood or become insane

patvis 043


VO1D Clutch

I've been watching James for so long and I just realized I was never subscribed ????????????




We never found out the addiction

Rose's Flowers

Same. I'm decaying.


As soon as I heard night mind as the narrator I know I was going to watch something amazing


jesus 15 dollar shipping for the lowest backing


Talk about progress!

Robert Matthew

James: I am the real Pokemon Master!
Me: Uhh, excuse me? Persian is a Cat Pokemon.

Latte. dreams

“I used to think that garbage television stupid and a waste of my mortal existence”
Then James proceeded to see Maaz

Shine Snake

Garbage is awesome

Galacea Gazcon

I have the same air conditioner! 6:37

Clover c:

James If You Read This Ty For Being Here For Everyone In Quarantine Making Good Animated Content ????
I cant Thank You Enough!????

Audric Gadiel Teodoro (823audteod)

I see jojo.....


and just like that by watching other garbage humans on his teliVYSION james felt ever so slightly dayly and nightly at peace in little ways while the world crumbled around him for the first time in months james smiled.

everything stays

Fried bun

I live in sweden so i have not experienced Quarantine :( i want to chill

Soviet Boy

You thought it was James but no it was me Dio

David Gregory

trending why

David Gregory

recomended joke

Kacii Summer-leigh

James head: decaying
My head: is dead
Your head: dead
Boris Johnsons head: stay inside don't stay inside go to work don't go to work hug dont hug breath dont breath
Me: wait what dont breath ok as you wish
Also me: ????

Quentin Lafaye

You should get Zwift for your treadmill runs! That’ll make them much more enjoyable! :)

Dilara Kemal


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