Смотреть Beirut explosion: Video shows new angle of the massive blast онлайн

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Warning: This video contains disturbing content. Discretion advised.
The moment of the massive explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut, killing more than 137 people and injuring thousands, was captured in high definition by a shop owner who was recording when the blast hit.

Video shows smoke rising from Beirut's port with small sparks being seen in what is believed to be fireworks that were set off by the blaze. According to reports, fireworks were stored in the same warehouse where 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate had previously been stored. After several seconds of recording, a massive explosion bursts outwards, which then moves outwards towards where the shop owner is, the resulting shockwave impacting multiple buildings in the process.

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Not fireworks but volcano-like !
Pas des feux d'artifice, plutôt en rapport avec ce qu'on peut voir avec une éruption volcanique !


Literally, nothing she said was new or relevant.


Enemy ac130 above

Ariva Stories

Isis got some idea

Dubb Harris

Fireworks and all this being stored together... come on man I ain't stupid

Your boi Darsh with 12 subs


Youness Id bakkasse

Imagine Hirochima and Nagazaki.

Tut Gaddafi

That A bomb...

Joe _

You can see all the glass blown out of those buildings. My goes out to those people. Crazy times we're livin


bomba atomica....


That shock wave was mental. To think that’s just an invisible force that we walk through and breath everyday being accelerated at high velocity, amazing how something invisible can do so much damage. People that invent these explosive chemicals and weapons are seriously the sickest people on the planet, how could anyone take pleasure from inventing something so terrible and destructive and why ain’t these explosive chemical/compound inventors and weapons manufacturers held accountable for all the deaths at the hands of these companies. No guns, no shootings, no bombs no explosions killing hundreds, no weapons at all no army needed, no armies, no war. Wars are only viable to countries that have huge investment in their armed forces, you don’t see Sweden, Denmark, france, Spain,Germany, Australia, and tons of other countries going to war, that’s cuz armed forces are not a priority. USA, Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia etc.... are obsessed with having huge armed forces, granted UK has cut back loads, but it’s always especially since the end of world war 2 been USA that has been in habitual war. They seriously got the taste for it after ww2. At least Trump has managed to see out his first term without getting USA and uk involved in more pointless wars based around lies. If Killary Clinton had won we’d be at war with North Korea, Russia, the Saudi Arabia and god knows what other countries. That’s why Trump deserves another four years just for the fact he’s not unnecessarily sent US soldiers to there death.

Joe Fish

There is no way its just 100 dead. That was like a small tactical nuke. Horrible.

Poison_ Corpse

These things are becoming frequent... Tainjin explosion ect.

Joe Fish

Hey, lets store these fireworks next to reactive explosives, TONS of it? Reported, and nobody cared.

Walter Ellermann


Spicy Chili

I want to make a nuke joke

Robie_zoe Yes

LOL, I’m not laughing at the situation I’m only laughing at all these dummies that actually believe that this was caused by fire works....... FIRE WORKS! What did you said? Oh, it was next to Ammonium nitrate?? Well that seems logical and brilliantly safe... I mean, we all know 911 Didn’t have bombs go off at the bottom Before whatever hit the towers. Why should we believe the people that was there that for some reason was told to go back inside the building... We all know OJ didn’t do it .... we know Epstein Was on suicide watch but he was so smart and transparent that the camera did witness his suicide...Isn't it amazing how Sandra bland Suicide watch video has a big chunk of it missing? You got love the world we’re living in ...Dog eat dog world! Can I get a roooooooof ?????

Saltyyy Kush420

Sad too think most of the people that where in the radius of this devastating explosion is now dead or officially injured badly. I wish I could help I really doo. I can’t imagine what the poor people is going through. Poor family’s, single people, dogs , cats, kids, fishes as pets, birds as pets, etc... was all destroyed because of government stupidity like always... this is sad soo sad... I didn’t see anything like this till now I just can’t imagine how bad it really is... it is sadder because everyone around the perimeter was watching what they was going too die by basically!! Knowing your going out like death wise by a bomb probably was soo scary!! I can’t even imagine!! ):

EB Gaming

thats not a firework, it looks like a direct impact explosion

Fortnite_Clipz 101

To the amazing people seeing this:

I hope your all doing well and staying positive and following your dreams

My dream is 10k. I’m struggling at the moment, any help would me a lot:)

Mr. House

War...war never changes

Angelo's tube

this was 1,155 tons of tnt so its a small nuke yield

Podle PlayZ

I feel bad for the people who are (ded)

Chris Hance

Epstein didnt kill himself

Mr. Snuggles

This is probably the worst angle and anouther cash grab all information is out there on what happened all that needs to be known now is what is going to be givin to these people and who’s missing

Maverick Shaq

So this is how it would look when pain uses his rennigan against the kyubuki nine tails ????????


It’s insane how the glass on all the buildings broke like if it was in a movie. Prayers to Lebanon.

The Body Suit Lady

What is our world coming to?

scott fisher

The media must think we're really really really stupid

N.L38 Lj



People really think it was a missile hahaha

MGU Zexu

The building are turning into dust

Kevin Oskay

One word "America"

Sina Mondani

That was missile

tino tino

what is the soundtrack called ?

Jacob Andrew

This hurts my heart

Barcrafty 81

Those are pretty crappy firworks. Crazy finale tho

kyle hearn

I mean this is no surprise 3rd world countries ignore safety protocols and guidlines all the time.


Hmm let's not only store ammonium nitrate let's add some fireworks too. What's the worst that could happen? ????????‍♂️

Blackprince Mitzrayim

Somebody purposely set that off

Joshua Castle

WHY DID YOU SLOW IT DOWN AND THEN END IT BEFORE I COULD SEE ALL THE COOL EFFECTS OF THE EXPLOSIONS URGHHHHH I wanna see broken glass and buildings quiver! Rip to those dead but damn let us at least see what they died from!


People are saying fireworks couldn't cause this but as a fireworks factory there would've been huge amounts of raw gunpowder stockpiles. And judging from the event it's safe to say they weren't properly secured

Mike Lawrence


Carl Arams

Hada kello Estehtar min Dawletkon ya Afandii , they don't have Comon sense ,ur Government

AngelFeather Ministry

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The pedophile followers just aren't very intelligent

Inah Baxter

Omg this is scary ????????????????????

Arsal Rana

This only goes to show one day we will be the end of us..

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