Смотреть Max Verstappen Wins as Formula 1 Celebrate their 70th Anniversary at Silverstone онлайн

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Now it's time to celebrate! ????????????

Max took a stunning 70th Anniversary Grand Prix victory at Silverstone beating Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas thanks to a superbly worked tyre strategy that allowed him to pull away from the Mercedes pair throughout the final third of the race.

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Silano buit

Liefde alleen maar liefde

Jesus A Garcia H

Super MAX

Francis Katende

this boy is gonna be a legend

vatsal gohil

This all feels so nice.
Keep winning red bulll !!!!!!

Douwe Klaas Bouma


European BLINK

44 dislikes

That’s ironic


Awesome job dudes!


Hard work paid off:) 70th anniversary trophy! On 1st place. That’s to be remembered 4ever:) #Redbullknowhowcelebrate

Barto Bruintjes

MAX is the best F1 driver on earth even if he hasn't the top materials like Mercedes. Still he rocks. MAX in a Mercedes; I think the F1 will be boring because MAX always gonna win.

Szandor the 13th

Lewis: Environment

Max: H Y D R A T I O N

Demetrious Jk

Bad boys come first ????????

Gabriel Racing

So Good Result Amazing

George Gousias


Iain *GBMtv* Gibson

Proof that If you want to win a race you weren't supposed to, all you have to do is ignore your race engineer and send it! Oh, and remain hydrated obviously. Alex fought back really well after kissing Kevin early on????????

macafoi jackson

GP2 PU is A beast ????



Piotr Kobielus

Gp Wielkiej Brytanii

Eron Sebastian Ermino

hello guys i quit being a tifosi now support merc and redbull aston and vettel i hate those dumb tifosis and hate ferrari maybe love their roadcars but not in motrosports

Vasily Danangovich

Congrats Max!

MegaSider 31

Great Job Max!!!

Helen ooft

All my respect to the whole team from Red Bull and Honda, congratulations, you all deserve that, what a beautiful race it was.


Incredible max verstappen for sure the best racer out there i can see redbull being dominate in f1, if they keep workin together, cause the performence nd skill increases every event!

Eron Sebastian Ermino

why did hamilton steal verstappens trophy

Outsid of my

The Best Team and drivers in F1 2020

Just one More fight

I miss albon, the man whose fate does not favor him ????


Did you guys notice that Lewis stole Max his trofee

Tubin Hage

Where is albon


Social distancing left the chat

Maria Salberger

1:13 Helmut Marko telling Toto that it is going to be very hot next weekend ;)
I think the Red Bull is very strong when it is hot. So good luck in Spain ????

Kwok Tai Lam

1:45 Damn! Yamamoto-San (between Max and Alex) is quick as hell man! Did you see that?!

Jacob Fendrick

I really hope max can win the WDC

NL HipHop

I am not gonna drive around like a grandma. Legendary words

King Rat

1:42 Look , the Ford Transit was faster as the Ferrari ????????????????????

Jack Gipson

Just coz u got masks doesnt mean you can hug each other


Now we do know he got his trophy back

Leroy A. Dunn

I don't owe anyone anything now because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Marthinneill Apoi

Hes not blind,hes a legend


Get in there????????

Arnold Clarke

No fake virus when you’ve won. Cameras off, muzzles off.

Aristo Teller


Abel Alexander


666 から覗けばカスイムズームほんわかあざらし見えたり

https://youtu.be/2q82bGtujFA good!!!!!!

Arya Nathanael Hardy

At least we know hamilton gave the trophy back????

Dan Earl

Alex in an empty room by himself

Nixer Doyle

Max is champion-in-waiting. He's shed the callow, juvenile skin of his early days while losing zero speed.

Nasrita Fitri

congratulations Max ???????????????????? the best f1 driver in the world @maxverstappen1 ???????????? and the best team ????????????????

Levi de Bel

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! You all deserve it!

Robby Maria

I'm a Ferrari fan, but i have to say great work Red Bull, GREAT WORK

remy slavenburg

Max did a awesome job!


1:08 look closely, Lewis stole the trophy out of habit.

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