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Today I'm testing out ALL brand new makeup while addressing rumors about myself. Love you guys, remember that even though 2020 has been the most challenging for us all, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Taiba Noor

Gurrrl can someone please explain what he actually did? Me and many people in the comment section are so confused! What is happening?

Kiwi queen

If you can "test" you new make up you can also sit your ass down and discuss everything going on miss snake 💅🏾

Big B

You are cho mo, you and Shane Dawson you Crypt Keeper looking ugly ass dude

Carol Starry

How can people say the robbery was a hoax??? Y'all were so damn upset about that. Genuinely upset. Ugh. Demons I get. People are crazy.

Kakes For me

Just to let everyone know he gets paid for the likes and dislikes not for views

Sophie love

What would it take for people to realize what kind of monster Jeffrey is

Lou Lou

He is really going on like nothing happened ??? 😂 pathetic ... just get of YouTube your a bad person xD

Happy Bri

he is the shit period. idc hes has delt with a lot of shit to get where he is

Laura Ferguson

anyone just reading the comments as Jefar from Aladdin speaks in the background

Yatziya Camacho

In case u guys dont wanna watch the whole video, these are the rumors he addressed:

Yes, his store was robbed.
Yes, he's single
thats it

Aria Yi

All this drama too much. Idec anymore. Let's all just live our lives cuz nobody gonna die out anytime soon 🥺

Bryan Gonzalez

No one cares


Hey wake up and create your own little way of success to make some cash, don't just watch these videos and expect it to come. God bless you and take care of yourself 🙏🏾💯

Parker Stewart

I like hearing Chris here and there

kiryra wilson

who else is only here to read comment and dislike

jaime cooper

Please keep playing with make up, so we can see sometimes too

Maria Putman

Loving your summer glow Jeffree !!!!!!!

Allison Greene

This f@$king clown. We see right through your bullshit. You have lost all credibility and respect. The fact that you continue this charade is beyond words. YOU ARE CANCELLED BIGOT!!!!

Aimee Real


Chrissy Long

He does know HE is a dude. Right?

Victoria Harrington

We miss you ! Fuck what others say only thing that matters is what you think .

Kaylee Brow

"Hi MySpace how you doin girl?"
MySpace: ✖👄✖

Salem is here

Where are the proofs ? Just words like always...

Jill F

Now there is a primer

Deb Johns_ton

Love you J 🌟. So excited for the next new release x

Jill F

You’re gay

Morgan Martinez

the angle of this video just aint it.

Afluffykeychain 162

Wow you actually have the balls to not disable comments.

Megan Potts

He's only human like the rest of us. People just need to get over the bullshit cause life is way to short. Leave him and everyone else alone and pay attention to your own life

Betty Norris

lmao he really tryna review makeup when Lebanon is falling apart, blm is still going on, we're still in a pandemic AND he's supposed to be cancelled💀👀😭


Im seeing alot of masks with make up on the mask from transfer due to mask wear of 8 to 12 hours.

vanessa swerves

Lmaooo this video is so awk

Afg_Gamer_ King

Please support

More of Sophie

Follow my tiktok peachyaristyles and comment the ✨ emoji for a follow!!!!

G. Ramos

Fuckn GROSS!

michael fisher

Jeffery I need help

Allanah Grimes

He thinks he can just come on here and all is forgiven

Katie-May Warwick-Watts

Who's jeefreestyles

Scotty Osburn

Jeffree Star is a baphomet worshiper and a baby murderer.

Savannah Pruitt

For the record, I can't stand all of the drama that goes on in the YouTube community, I try to stay out of it as much as I can. However, this drama has been so hard to avoid as a long time fan of both Shane and Jeffree. Do I believe that Tati is telling the whole truth? No. Do I side with Jeffree or Shane? No. All around, I hate this drama and I usually don't let it impact my opinions but I can safely say after Jeffree turning off his comments, using bots to spread happy things in his comments to cover up negativity, and hardly even taking accountability for anything I can safely say I'm no longer a supporter of Jeffree Star or Jeffree Star Cosmetics. As a long time viewer, it breaks my heart to see the true side of him and I regret supporting him, or any other YouTubers for that matter, that have brought on useless drama just to "spice things up." You're adults, grow up.

Charlotte Audrey Cole

You're very weird

Ashley Chance

We’re does he get his contacts 😍😍😍😍

Anna Mikesell

I always store my makeup wipes upside down so that the top wipe is always saturated!!

Laena Kelly

You should've used the spray on one side not the nutragena side to get the true effect.

Picky Nikkis Tarot

I love how mesmerized he is by the spray power 😝😂 I needed this distraction right now... BIG time! 💖✌️

Brooke England

Jeffree, I’ve watched you on YouTube I believe over 10 years ago. I was just stunned by you then, to see how successful you have become and how gorgeous you still are just makes my heart smile so big! You are a beautiful inspiration to so many! Thank you for your videos! Idk why I fell off for so long on watching your channel. I’m just blessed I rediscovered you!! I love you for evaaaa bitchhhh! 💕🤟💙💋🤞🏼😘❤️

Ruchamah Borg

Wow ew


People are just jealous of you and all successful people in general. Keep on doing your thing jeffree

Darcy KC

You look tanned! It rly complements all the pink you’re rocking and your brown eyes (contacts right?). I missed your makeup videos. I missed the reviews you give and when you give products the “Jeffree Star approval” or disapproval 😁😆 take care of yourself and your family... and your DOGGIES! Would love to see a vlog with all your dogs soon.

Thomas Parrish

This channel is disgusting

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