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the Rockets and the Bucks play similar offensively. Giannis doesn't have the whole inventory of moves that James does. But he has the speed of a LeBron James and the height of a Joel Embiid, which makes him super effective while driving, nevermind his ability with the euro and shot fake. And, if the defense collapses onto Giannis, he has a team filled with shooters. Brooke Lopez, Wesley Matthews, George Hill, James Harden does the same thing for the Rockets offense, as does Russell Westbrook, but Houston's only flaw is its defense compared to Milwaukee, and their shooters, which are great but also not as good as Milwaukee's.

Lyle McDermott

They should redefine the traveling rule. He gathers the ball from what? Did he lose the ball? It was in his hands seconds ago. Letting go of the ball intentionally and doing that stupid '' I just gathered the ball'' thing so this step doesn't count is considered illegal.

justin molina

i wonder if james harden will do good in the ymca basketabll camp XD

Jeremiahzzz Real

Harden shoots like 30 times a game


Harden is what happens when the Defense has no liberties in the game. Every touch and forced offensive contact isn't called against the offense, it's the defense's fault almost 100% of the time. This is how we got here. I'm not saying make it legal to mug somebody, but make the wrap around hook, push offs, running directly into a defender who isn't moving, illegal. The game isn't really a game anymore cuz a whole half of the ball is dictated to unfairly. I'm not saying make it illegal for Harden, I'm saying for everyone. Love him, but Kobe got annoying with it and so did D-Wade. If you take these away from the game, it'll be harder to score and defense will mean something again

Jack O'Neill

Karl Malone created the rip through, and the league prooved hou stoopid it is. A simple question...ripping through what? The defenders arm? Who fouled who?


Or maybe he’s just good?

Drew camm

Just like corey duels soft break


Love your videos Jimmy. On the chart at 10:30 though you missed the fact that the NBA brought the zone back simply because of Shaquile O'Neal.

Cardinal for Life

I am done with the NBA just a bunch of Racist and Communist

Utkan Aktaş

Yes its a bad thing. Cuz he aint skilled or worked hard enough. He just abusing new soft era.

Tahmid Alam

Hardens the goat stfu ok?

Nathan Allen

It’s traveling. They just allow it to Try to get views. I think it’s backfiring.

Christopher Rigby

Hooking your defender's arm is straight-up gimmick. Jordan and AI drew legit body contact.

Junior Born

lmao shi is trending


...and yet, even with ALL these "weapons" in his arsenal, James Harden will not be getting a ring any time soon.

Boseph Gang

nah he’s just a bucket


1 Timothy 2:5 - For [there is] one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

Chaoya Han

Harden does not use Euro step that often this season because he said it's bad for his knees

Pugs& Hugs

Too bad for Harden he hasn’t figured out a rule change to make himself clutch in the playoffs


The "0 Step" idea is hilarious to me. So if they allowed another step they're just going to call it a "-1 step".

Yannick Deh

Hey Jimmy a cool video idea I had in mind for you would be about Ja Morant’s bad landing position after he dunks.

Chris Briano

AFTER watching this... I'd be so frustrated, I would probably start Not giving him "Landing Space" just to get in HIS and OTHERS Heads. Sure they might hit 10 3's... But there might, No, WILL BE that ONE TIME I invade their Space and as Ivan Drago says in Rocky 4... "IF HE (ankle) DIES...HE DIES..." LOL.

AWESOME VIDEO...as usual.

Steven Nzoyamara

Giannis's euro > Harden's

Steven Nzoyamara

He got the green light to shoot every possession

Lord of the Jungle

Scoring genius is rightfully so

Chris Briano

I've watched :50 seconds of your video and can answer How he scores the way he scores... "with his cheatin ass''
If REFS were not scared of him & LeBron it would be so different.
Watch OLD Shaq Vids, he used to get DINGED for 'OFF.Fouls' just cuz he was "TOO BIG" ... LeBron takes up half the lane and has the NEW 'END OF GAME' mentally of: "IM GOING STRAIGHT TO THE HOLE AND THEY WILL FOUL ME, OR I WILL SCORE!" Because Refs are scared to Reward Def with stepping in and taking a charge.

But this is about Harden and his STRAIGHT ARM (LIKE LITTLE GIRLS USED TO PLAY IN MY DAY) 4-5 stepping game...

Annnnnd... Go!

D'Urban Studios

The answer starts around 05:35

Lakendall Payne

Appreciate the plug on the shorts My G! 💪🏾🔥

Biosiden 42

You showed how his euro was legal but you didn’t show us how the double step back is


Here is my big question, is james harden the best 1 on 1 scorer of all time?

MattR 20

George Mikan Made goaltending a rule 😂😂

Kevin Amburgey

"The NBA has really loosened up on it's rules". Proceeds to watch bubble game with 57 free throws taken.

Nine Teen

Imma have to disagree with how “unstoppable” James Harden is. In the regular season, yeah he definitely is one of, if not the best. However, in the playoffs he’s proved time and time again that he isn’t unguardable.

Luis Garcia



You should do using numbers to find the most similar player to Kobe Bryant


I'm good with everything but that arm hook is nonsense. That's an offensive foul if you grab the opponent's arm like that. Am genuinely hopeful that he retires without a championship

Newport Boxing

I'm so glad to hear someone say in all other leagues this is a travel lol



Cool Caveman

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽excellent breakdown. Those charts and graphs were actually mind blowing. Let’s not forget his high b-ball IQ, and durability. If his teammates shot better he could lead in assists too.
He’s already had two MVP awards stolen from him, due to national group think. And he’s not finished yet. Hellava player.

Sam Menon

How tf does he get away with this?

bodoy euir

The refs and NBA don’t have a special interest in Harden’s success. He’s not cheating or breaking the rules.

Ardy Hagen

Thanks for the great explanation
To some degree it is easy to overlook JH athletic skills because those skills seem unfairly amplified his legitimate, but crafty exploitation of the rules. There are lots of videos of Steph practicing his handle and his long distance shooting. What we don’t see is Hardin in the gym with a referee practicing his craft. What ever else you want to say about Hardin... he is VERY smart

Thomas Koppe

12:10 easy you drive left crossover to the right step back and bam bucket


I found this video interesting and I don’t even watch basketball.

Billy Bungwhole

They need to change the game back to the old rules and make it hard again.

Billy Bungwhole

Not even the referees watch the NBA.

Wadewilsondp07 C

If only he could do it consistently in the playoffs

david harawa

Yall do realize if they got rid of the gather step almost every layup and dunk (not including standing layups and dunks) we have seen was a travel

Zack Barnes

Disliked or not it’s all legal. So I guess we should expect a Harden rule? Or watch as someone can push the rules without ever breaking them.

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