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Uncle Roger finally meets egg fried rice lady, Hersha Patel. Will they get along? Does she actually know how to make egg fried rice?
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Hallo niece and nephew! Auntie Hersha will be at premiere too. Hit the like button now to show some love. Please support us with superchat so Uncle Roger can buy some rice!

In other news, Auntie Jenny swiped right on Uncle Roger and now we are going on Zoom date! Video coming in a week or two. Uncle Roger so nervous, many butterfly in stomach. HAIYAAA!

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Chris Evil

Ok I like how auntie hersha was such a good sport. Nice work Roger

CH1M !

She’s so pretty


Hey wake up and create your own little way of success to make some cash, don't just watch these videos and expect it to come. God bless you and take care of yourself 🙏🏾💯


Auntie Hersia likes chinese inside her so makes fried rice. Uncle roger says you do not need fried rice to have chinese inside you.


XD he’s like ging ging like u think that to

(Edit) If u don’t know ging ging go search up ging ging you will seem it

Our Boy

Bro only men of culture appreciate the drum/bass line played at 6:22

Ruatsanga Heartnett

Truly a sweet lady... Love her...


she a cutie tho

Mang Kanor Meow meow

The Ajinomoto though....


Thesd 2 need to get it on

Just Video

India here 🙋 love biryani 😋😋😋


this was funny until he said that bit about things inside her...that was creepy

Adwoa Nicoletta

“You drink bacteria but you don’t eat msg” 😭😭😭

Jonar K

Someone should show this to the guy who built The Verge PC.

Ya Ok

As an indian she should know how to cook rice omg


hehe i love her voice and accent


Uncle Roger should make Auntie Hersha a hot pot.

Linda Heln

Just admiring your nice Wok 😅😅😃🙃🙃


Auntie Hersha's smile is contagious 🤣

Antonietta Martins

Idiot man , suggesting that is dog penis, eating dog or any animal is cruel

Amy Liu

They look cute together.

Jonathon Lambson

I LOVE my rice cooker 😂

Comrade Dyatlov

Is that his real accent? Or is it just for his character?

Yadi Arfy

My first question about this is that..
Did uncle roger strangle that lady behind the scenes right after they met?

Lamy Lamy

2:54 - is that the camera man in the mirror in the back? Kinda sad for me to look into these things 🤣🤣

king diablo

11:16 he left at sunflower seeds

Nakesha Baynham

🤣🤣 this was great!

Tarot Tots

Okay her blushing so bright it's actually adorable. I'm glad she's such a good sport lol

Nakiya White

OMGOSH...I'm just speechless


Haha I love both of them. They both need to make cooking show

Mysterious Stranger

Uncle Roger you speak spanish?

king diablo

8:04 I’m no longer interested she wasted rice

Jhawn Darrell Maracha

Some culture r wrong 😂

Young mickey tv

Orange polo to my parents they deserve a better life 😂😂😂😂

hawaiian shit

I ship


I ship them, uncle Roger and auntie Hersha


She's hot =D

rasibul kabir

Are u capable of doing a reaction video on jamie oliver's fried rice?


My Indian colleagues at work used to rib me for not being able pronounced biryani correctly, but she butchered it worse than I did!

Jane Tocaldo


king diablo

2:47 why u kappin

Claudia Love

Buy a rice cooker buy ricecook er more time for family🥘🌯🎂🎂🎂

Darnell Matuguina

I like this duo😊😂😂

Dogsnake frog

Delite China gay , and video stay cool


I have never laughed so much

Silly Siji

Some cultures are wrong 😵😂😂

Dogsnake frog

I love black shokolate


1 Timothy 2:5 - For [there is] one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

Sifu One

He’s str8 took unco same and Unco Chins name and persona. Shame.

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