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Brooklyn is going on TEN DATES in TEN DAYS! (This #10DatesIn10Days is mostly for fun, but we are all "secretly" hoping she finds her BOO!) You'll meet Kohl today, after meeting Ethan and Jorge last week. You can vote for your favorites each week, and at the end of the 10 dates she'll go on a SECOND date with whoever ya'll (along with her) help choose!

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Our friend Alyssa Mikesell did the 15 date/15 day version and ended up finding her BOYFRIEND! Her mom, Betsy Mikesell (and our Beddy's partner), had a dream that Brooklyn just HAD TO DO THIS too!!!! She felt inspired that Brooklyn would find her boyfriend as well, and called Brooklyn immediately the next morning! You can follow both Alyssa and Betsy HERE!

Alyssa Mikesell: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpKWfroBPkXYzBsyNdAuK8w
Betsy Mikesell: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmZNqqNBVbLU1kT1T-YmSZw

When Betsy called her, Brooklyn kind of laughed it off... but as she thought about it more and more, she decided it would be FUN to do something like this (with zero pressure to find someone)! Betsy has been like an aunt to us, so Brooklyn AGREED! Betsy and Alyssa quickly went to work, posting on their IGS for their followers to have their cute brothers or sons apply! (UPDATE: Since filming ended, Betsy was involved in a plane crash. Everyone survived, but they still need your prayers... especially her husband, Gentry! It has been a long week, as I am sure you can imagine, and we've all been trying to support the family as much as we can. They are amazing friends, and could DEFINITELY use your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes! You can watch her video and leave comments HERE: https://youtu.be/W_pVekhO-yU)

The idea for this series is... that Brooklyn films her "10 Dates in 10 Days" and we will upload them HERE every MWF starting today! So you'll be getting several videos from us EACH WEE for the next 3 weeks or so! THEN as you watch each video, you can VOTE in the comment for the boy you think matches up THE BEST with Brooklyn for that video. As each video goes live, you might have to go back and watch the others again just to see which boy you think Brooklyn vibes THE MOST with!

Each boy plans his own #date, and not only are these boys CUTE... but they are SUPER FUN and planned great date ideas! Brooklyn is having so much fun! (Safety precautions are taken to ensure safety based on CDC guidelines. The boys have been asked to either social distance with their families or take a test prior to filming, temperature checks before dates, masks in public with appropriate social distancing, and hand sanitizer breaks.)

Kohl did a great job planning his date with a few super fun activities! Indoor skydiving, painting, and ice cream. Is this it??? Do you think Brooklyn will find her #boyfriend in this series??? She's been single for three years now, but I SURE DO HOPE SO! *no pressure*

If this video series does well, do you think we should TRY IT WITH KAMRI NEXT???

This video was just as fun to film as our recent Twin Swap videos. You can check those out here!

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What did you think? What other awesome videos ideas would you like to see us film? Comment below!

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Brooklyn and Bailey

What did you think of the date Kohl planned?? Do you think he’s the one? Also, shop our NEW collection of Activewear, Loungewear, Joggers, Mascara, Jewelry/Hair Accessories HERE! https://brooklynandbaileyshop.com/ (IT SELLS SO FAST!) ❤️'s -Bailey

gwenivere m

Go Brooklyn!!!!


in love with this man


Kohl is a bit on the touchy side...he literally has to hug her after the ifly adventure. he seems like a good roommate

Selvi Prasanna

I still like Ethan better love u Brooklyn and Bailey

Tatum's Videos

Ethan by far!!!!!!!!!!


2nd date?!??

Jordan Soria

i still voted for ethan

Mary Katherine Doyle

Kohl was SO SWEET, but Brooklyn wasn’t head over heels for him like she was for Ethan


Still with Ethan. 😊😌

Gabrielle Hager

Ok, but iFly is so fun!!!

Leah S

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah now I can't choose between Kohl and Ethan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kallia Pantelis

This was a great date but her heart wasn’t sparkling like it was with Ethan!!!!!!

Gabriela Cruz

He's nice and all but I like Ethan more. Brooklyn and Ethan belong together. 😌🤗

gymnastgirl _432

He’s super cute! Yes!

Ella Kochenderfer

So far my vote is Ethan!!!! They looked so good together!

Tamilore Ishola

I think Ethan is the perfect match

Sylianne Morales Santana

Honestly I really like kohl, personally I like him a lot but I think Ethan is a better match for her

Morgan R

Kohl was in Alyssa Mikesells video ... (Date 15).. I haven't watched the video yet but I hope this one goes good..

Elizabeth lohman

My personal opinions/thoughts:
1) Jorge just a friend or an acquaintance
2) Ethan boyfriend or the new def winning
3) Kohl a friend that's like a sibling

Taylor Cook

They are so cute together!! 🤍🤍

Meadow Hulme

I like Ethan the most

Meadow Hulme

I like Ethan the most

Meadow Hulme

I like Ethan the most

Meadow Hulme

I like Ethan the most


Unpopular opinion, I liked Kohl better than Ethan 🤷‍♀️

Betty Porter

I really hope she picks Ethan

Une L'Bert

I think he like a friend but he is cute but I like Ethan more ❤️

Indiah Brantley

... I like him better then Ethan..DONT ATTACK ME😂

Ashlee Emerine

Seemed really relaxed. I really like him for her


John 14:6 - Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

This Amazon Life

Bro I can't get over Ethan he just clicked so well with Brooklyn

caroline s

i know people have prob already said this but i feel like kohl could be her older brother like they even look the same

Adi. M.

They looks like same.

sierra milligan

kohl is my fav so far!!

Kayla Kibodeaux

Kohl seems dope and like a really good friend but I like Ethan more! I think their chemistry is unmatched

Paige Lux

Ya no he’s way to cocky lol. More just friends.


He’s so sweet! Definitely a good friend.

Ethan for the win.

Ashleigh McCarthy

Kohl was super sweet, but i’m still team Ethan!

Aniqa Nuzhat

why is betsy even here?

Alix and Sophie

He’s cute but Ethan still has my vote


Khol is so cute :) he has really pretty eyes

Amanda Bullock

Okay so I definitely think Brooklyn and Ethan are a better match but can we talk about how beautiful Kohl and Brooklyn’s kids would be?

Lenalover03 42

I like this one

Zozo W



Does anyone think Kohl looks like Caleb Ruminer?

Ella Ridge

Every video I’m like “this guy is my favorite” and then the next video comes and I don’t know what to do😂

Sydney Elisabeth


Claire Neilsen

Sooo sweet but Ethan is still the best!

Girl With A Vlog

Kohl is cool but my vote is still definitely Ethan ;)

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