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Meet Oliver Rhett Fisher! This was such a special and emotional day for our family to meet our baby boy, we hope you enjoy this special moment in our lives. https://ffm.to/ejdrk6a
Link to new single "A Little Like Me"

Видео LIVE BIRTH OF OUR BABY BOY *EMOTIONAL* можно смотреть с помощью отличного плеера, который работает на любом мобильном устройстве - android, iOS и других популярных гаджетах.


The Fishfam

Link to NEW single "A Little Like Me"

Andre Al

Human child birth is sinful. We are overpopulating. Stop it. Horrible.

Annalei Garcia

I have a channel 2 right Sophia Siri

Alana Bauer

I don’t think he looks like Kyler, or Madison, and I don’t think he looks like Tatum or Oakley, and I don’t think he looks like Halston, I think he looks like... OLIVER

Annie Nsofwa

He look's like his dad

Veronica A.

Congratulations! So elated for you! I think Oli will look like Madison. She has strong genes

Norma D

I think he’s a mix of the twins and Halston... wither way he’s soooo cute and perfect 😍

james smith

Not trying to hate, but is nothing personal anymore? is it all just about likes and views? even the birth of child is exploited?

Kate Rothermel

Your baby is so cute

Abby Martinez

My niece has the same birthday!! Get ready to have a super funny outgoing baby in your family💛

Isabel Mercado

He really cute .

Jessie T

Omg he’s so cute I started crying after you have wonderful children


John 14:6 - Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Ashley Young

Looks just like his sissys 😍😩

Hannah Banana

Omg I was 6lbs 8oz too😂❤️

giddy up

Congratulations 🎉🎉😭❤️❤️❤️

Miranda Watts

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you to and Oliver!!

Rylee Lin

Baby Oliver

Eddie Hui


Cassi Losasso

Baby Oliver is soooo cuteee!❤️

Lexana Luafutu

His looks so cute he little bit looks like the girls

Tamara Thompson

Madison:we did it
Kyler:you did it

j r

Good for you. No one cares.

Marissa Georgia

That’s so funny

annag cocl

He is soo cute i have a new born baby brother my mom is com8ng home with him today

Syd M. Simmons

Baby Ollie is so adorable! I cant believe it. I hope he looks like Kyler since the girls look so much like Madison

Benjamin Brown

11:50 Haven't you forgotten about your IV needle and tubing?!!!!!!!


Babies only cry when the nurses are rough with them other wise they hardly cry and don’t need to cry

Bethany Cuevas

He looks like Kyler but the girls do look a lot like Madison but he also does have a little hit of the girls

Valerie Cruz

Too the people who thumbs down what is wrong with u . And if u weren't happy he wasn't born in not happy that u were born HATERS. Awwww baby Oliver is so cute and thank god he is healthy

Samantha Gagnon

Oliver totally looks like madison


Aww congrats guys

Jorge Medina

Omg I have been watching since the twins were born and now they have four kids omg

JB Beatzs

Sorry I'm co.meeting so late but he is an angle he is so cute

AFL Emery

im so happy for you guys

Aubrey Kate

I love him so much I really hope lil baby Zealand gets home and they can meet each other so they can be best friends love y’all 💕❣️❤️💗


You should ask jojo siwa to babysit Oliver

e Zoe

O and baby Zealand is not well 😢😧😣


Oliver looks at Halston

Mr Orang

You people disgust me you uncultured swines

e Zoe

Baby Oliver is my little angel 😇😊

Diane Stefanik

I’m very sorry and not trying to be rude but can people stop talking about baby zealand because this is an awesome amazing moment for the fish fam and everyone is obsessing over baby zealand don’t get me wrong I am in love with baby zealand but i think people should start talking about the precious little baby that’s in front of out eyes

Natalie Coltrin

He is so freaking cute!!

LaTava Mace

He looks like Halston😍❤

Andrea Arias

So Beautiful video ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amy Madrid

He is so cute

Cheyenne Vaughan

I started crying when Kyler was holding him and kissed his four head

Lauryn Scypion

That’s was so cute

Kelly McBride

The baby is so cut

K Ait

Does anyone know what Taytum and Oakley's favorite colors are? I can't remember.

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