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Swapping Outfits With A Drag Queen!
I decided it would be fun to swap styles with Jake Warden, who IS THRIVING with being a drag queen. I also swapped outfits with my little sister, Tana Mongeau, Nikita Dragun, and the Beverly Hills brat, James Charles, Daisy Marquez and Amber Scholl, Chantel Jeffries, and an E-girl, you guys enjoyed that! Let me know who else you want me to do a style swap with!!

Jakes Video: https://youtu.be/dDP5SgJbZcE

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Jennifer Garcia

You should definitely do blond!🤩


My birthday is February 19- WHAT THE...


We have the same birthday

Lara Loo

She looks gorgeous in blonde doesnt she!


Go blonde 😭 everyone has too at least once

Addison Kovarik

With the ballerina one and the blonde hair you look like Barbie lol. Btw please don’t go blonde

Becky A

Omg the wig with that pink outfit looks insane on rach

Jewel R

Go blondeeeee

FET Engineer

I want BOTH of them.

sophia helfer

Rachel’s NEEDS the blonde.

Darya Sahar

POV: you think Rachel would look good blond but ur tired of all the comments about it

kitty cat club

You 10 prosent go blond


The blonde and really dark brown hair looks really nice on you !

Mihika Tillu

I wonder how many times he gets mistaken for being trans. (I mean he could be I don't judge)

Elizabeth Jolin

Rachel you neeeeed black and blonde hair you will rock it queen

Brooke Sanders

I soo love the blonde hair!!

zyvdkicben 1995

Rachel's killing the blonde!!!!Love u Rachel

Jenni Guardado


I Stan kpop

Rachel looks like a Barbie but like a beautiful thicc barbie

Greta Odobašić



Go blonde!!!!!

Wolf Girl

My birthday is February 25

Hoshi San


Stephanie Yarnall

did i just learn that me and rachel have the same birthday 🙈

Chloe Hodges

Rachel as a blonde is so perfect

Annie Sanders

The brunette wig is so beautiful! Please, do a lil bit of volume on your roots, it looks booooomb on you!

Hd Es

The girl on the right-hand side is the best and the most beautiful.. her outfits are great and logical.The black dress was awesome.

Addison Farrow

I’m here for blonde Rachel!

Myah Norris


Wilbur Turner Jr

Did u know if u say N igger in ur head.. they don't know where it coming from.. it's so funny watch get mad and put em them in their place.

Rihanna Dolinska

I love the blonde wig

Paula Rackley

I mean I like blond and brown hair on her 😂😂

sophie emelyanova

20th feb - 24th feb - me: 18 feb - my face: :D

BumpitiZed Records

So swapping outfits with a crazy man

kLaRa K

Omg you have to go blond!!💇🏼‍♀️❤️

Terry Bonnell

Honey, you should get advice from Michelle Obama, he fooled everyone.

Elsa C Bross

ggggoooooooo bbbbllloooooonnnnddddeee


And Rachel is actually rocking the blonde look like I thought she looked good with original color hair but I mean like her original colored hair and blonde Rachel is even better :D
me: how comes no one is mentioning how every influencer is using northfy to grow on yt and ig

kaylee 00


Lillie Lux

Rachel please go blonde I lovveeeeeee you as a blonde

Addison Ames

Rachel in the lounging around the house outfit she like Harush


She looks better because she’s a actually a woman ...

jemma hayes

YOU NEED TO GO BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zuygj bnsv

can we just talk about how rachel looked in the corset like woww

Meme Unicorn

Who else thinks Rachel should dye her hair blonde
👇🏻 (I’ll start)

Marti Becerra

i love how confident rachel has become over the years

K Music

You should go blond

Iyaad Manzural Karim

Wait wait wait he is the drag daughter of The Gia Gunn omg She better be in drag race best of luck hope u win

Cassidy Fleck


A Gski

Rachel dye you hair blonde

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