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Music video by Blueface performing Respect My Cryppin'. 5th Amendment & Entertainment One


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Timed Foot

The necklace bar was kinda cold tho


Wtf this is corny as all hell and shows no evolve. Nearly 50 years old crying about Trump but glorifying studio gangsters with no street credibility. Snoop still looking like someone took a crackhead gave him a bath jewelry and clothes. Just a thought handle your business solo so no witnesses yet speak about it in a video? Yea that makes sense. Next up please


1:15 where it starts thank me later


finna find the dude who put double ads

DoubleGem the Illuminator Mirra


K. H.

Wtf is this crap lmao..
And no I am not going to respect your crapping...
He can't even mumble rap on beat bruh...

Samurai Dylan

Blueface probably thinks he sounds like 2z

Kriptik Txxyz

2:53 had me dead

Jaden the Hedgehog

Snoop D o double g and Blueface yeah boi.

face crake

R.I.P kobe


Blue face transforming into a big blue smurf

travis scala

Blueface calm down clear your throat and walk off stage. You got like 5 years till your voice catch up to puberty and like 3 till you catch the beat 🤦‍♂️

Bryan Rodriguez

So, you dont put Eminem on your top ten rappers of all time, but you jump on a song with this shitty rapper? Shame on you Snoop

noodle gamer

I dont think they know how to play basket ball lol.

SoBlakk Music

Snoop eat the beat


NBA 2K2021 Rapper Edtion


Respect what?? im str88 BLOOD 👹💯 respect the BLOODS 💉🩸

Advait Pandit

Only here for snoop.

my name jeff

i have a headhace now but snoop is fire


How did they do this much additing in on li in this song

Martin Garcia

Loss respect to snoop 🤦🏻‍♂️this music is garbage blueface cant sing

Deco Rafo

Blueface is literally the worst. Does he not understand what rhyming in time is. His flow is deaders


the video art and shit going hard though ngl

Tokis GG

Blue face: “he gonna respect crypn”

The beat: “understandable have a nice day”


1:40 WHT

Ahmad Alsarhaney

How the heck did he get snoop In this shit

The Immortal Force

respect this guy instead of hate other because i respect my cryps

clash Pro 6713

Blue face baby

Mou Trescot MSP

Ew crips

Jeronimo Velez Trejos

Soy él único latino aqui?

Sharon Harris

I feel like I know the song


who's here from instagram

Jimmy Kody


Storme Calliste

Everyone gangsta till Micky mouse starts freestyling


I like how BlueFace barely respects the tempo


Слушатель Блю фейса лайк!


Blue face rapped off-beat the entire time


Reminds of Noah’s Noah

UnderWRLD ' - '

One hour of TRAP in my Channel


Edwin HR

Damn Mickey mouse 👀🔥

Playboii Trapp

This The Best video Out Right Now 🤝

Cristian Hurtado

What if he never hid the wet floor sign and didn’t catch em slippin🤷‍♂️

Shenanda Crockett

First of all snoop dog to old and blue face just can't rap saying the same thing over and over

sonk snipz

Who else thinks snoop Dogg part was the best

Young Milli Milli

ill be dancing to this song while mopping the floor

Young Milli Milli

blue face you make me wanna be a janitor after i see you dancing with the mop

Real Gunnerman

Song is fire

Dezyre Cheatham

Blueface don’t got quick draw😂

Chuckles Guffaw

Knocked out in one punch https://youtu.be/8EFfidxwvPg


Snoop dog got the funniest lines😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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