Смотреть Machine Gun Kelly ft. blackbear - my ex's best friend (Official Lyric Video) онлайн

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Machine Gun Kelly ft. Blackbear - My Ex's Best Friend is available now: https://smarturl.it/myexsbestfriend

Director: Kyle Cogan
Producer: Brendan Garrett
Animators: Kyle Cogan, Logan Hennessy, Brad Chmielewski and Logan Powaski
Production Co: SIMIAN.LA

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#MachineGunKelly #Blackbear #MyExsBestFriend

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Nick Purp

Been vibing to this all vaca


We need an extended version of this for real

Tyson Carpenter

I guess I just like different shit cuz to me this is straight trash!!!!! I'll never listen to this again! Sorry not sorry

Journav Hazarika



waited for this duo for eternity

Fayçal Sabbar

Do you think you can make your next album with Danileigh????

Jaze abrea

Tiktok don’t you dare




Ornin sweeeteee... Tym 4 porn skooolll... 🤴 of porn???... Baby Z xoheart...

Brittani Mel

Love this

Treyvon Davis

this goes hard

Hilal Alka


「D Ü S K」

True banger man❤️❤️


I like this.

Kellie Mandarino

Is this details of Megan Fox cheating lol

jakub keclik

Visuals look crazy good

lacee Hundley

Why is people upset it's on tik Tok already? What's wrong with that ? Plus I have been seeing things that's saying Trump wants to ban tiktok from the U.S cuz it's owned by china. Unless Microsoft takes it over won't know till September 12

Tara Ann

not feeling this one AT ALL, Sorry. wish MGK Would've finished the other songs and called the LP "Quarentined" lol .. seriously though, in these walls needs an ending

Abhijit Prabhugaonker

Looks like The Rap God has resurrected MGK to Glory

Imene Tidjani

I can't stop listening to the songggg ❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Lou Solis

You guys won't believe this actually works. No tricks! Trust me! Go to https://mcrmgo.com/go/gopwa/44266 and just follow the steps! It'll change your life, if you're serious with it! I promise!


So proud of MGK and how far he has come

Lowbudget Soop

This song sounds like what party puke looks like


This song sucks

Hurricane Sun

Mgk is the best because he was the only one brave enough to stand up to Eminem and survive and in my opinion won.

Mark Bridenbeck

Mr kelly if you see this comment can we get a remix of lil peeps I’ve been waiting w/black bear and young blood?


i swear to god this songs to short



Sandy The Whippet and Friends

i really enjoy this song <3

David Kim

Mgk wtfffff

Samuele Giabardo

Canzone di cristo


This music style really fits MGK hope he keeps this up.

Tim Eisen

Unpopular opinion....
Mgk lost it.
Bring back the classic lace up album mgk


MGK is just Nickleback mixed with Drake.

Joe S

Welpp I guess now we know MGK is in love with Megan Fox

miki miles

Is boring🥱🥱

Naman Nishant

Best combo of this year!!

Naman Nishant

Can't get enough of bear and Mgk ever

Mtmit Mtmit

Eminem did him so bad MGK had to change music genre's pmsl

Shawn Tyler

Love it!!! Got some stuff with similar vibes! Hope to collab with you bro!


Sasha Boe

Adore MGK and blackbear since 2014 and really enjoy their feats

Michael Phillips

Yo Kelly every song you make is a mood like if I didn't have your music I would actually have to deal with my problems Lol

distant individual

I swear every song blackbear does, I think he'd be the toxic one


2M in 4 days?? I fw that!! This gonna go big

EnRico VAN Keeken

!this song's got 'n R&B vibe through it!!! X

eSports Bulgaria

This song got 4.8 million streams in 3 days on Spotify with no promotion at all. This will become a huge hit when the video drops


what would you do

Dimitar Ivanov

No one:
Retarded Stans:
"oMg Em MaDe HiM SwItCh GeNrEs HaHaHa"

Gina Bezpala

Anyone else thinking this is about Halsey ?


Autotune. Some like it, some don´t.

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