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Now, I know what you are probably thinking. Of course I'm not using Diamonds, I've got Netherite! It's true, but that is not what is WRONG with Minecraft's diamonds. You see, Minecraft has been LYING to us the whole time! the diamond armor, the diamond sword, the diamond pickaxe - it's all USELESS! Why? WEll you are about to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper  
Editors: Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Pedro Freitas, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Antonio Xred

Game theory!!!!!!!!! I found out something when you were doing a game theory on fnaf 4 you sed thats not possible but maybe micheal afton is the one that has nightmares and hes in crying childs room but that makes no sense sooooo this might help youre fnaf theory if you want to talk about fnaf 4 again but this is gona be ignored since fnaf 4 is not what were talking about

Caroline Loewer

3:02 Did MatPat just announce a new channel? 😦

Raivo ._.

No one tell him it’s just a game

Tyler B

Based on what I hear diamonds are worse than leather since netherite came out

Alias Anybody

Still not sure what Netherite is supposed to be. Inspired by Titanium maybe? Still doesn't explain the use of gold to make the ingots or the diamond coating. Btw. for a "realistic" Minecraft you'd also have to replace Redstone with copper, make it available closer to the surface, take away its energy producing properties and introduce at least Zinc to make bronze possible.

Isadora Walsh

I think it’s kind pretty...


Mat: “Trees aren’t something you saw down.”
Chainsaws: “Am I a joke to you?”

Unlimited HD

Happy 13 Million Subs!

phoenix123 dragon797

8:18 nice



Neko Neko Ni

"StOp UsInG dIaMoNdS"

If you don't use diamonds, you can't make a diamond pickaxe to be able to even get a piece of netherite scrap. And also, diamonds are still usable! You're taking real life logic and complaining about things in an illogical game. There's not dragons in real life, why don't you complain about that instead? I'm not trying to hate but I'm just getting annoyed by this.

Who’s Toes Are Those?

He forgot about unbreaking smh

phoenix123 dragon797

1:12 wood is most important resource


Hey game theory I just thought of a theory the freddauls from fnaf4 might be the lonely Freddys.😨😨😨

Hotel Monster

Netherite is made of Ancient debris, ancient debris is the remaining of old villages that have crumbled into a strong block. So Steve removes this history to upgrade his diamond tools and armor.

Cripple D

Thorns must be really good then

I eat Cheese

"diamond is terrible for smashing things"


Netherite looks a lot cooler than diamond


Is this a jojo reference 6:15

Charlie Rodriguez

Matpat let's Stephanie do a theory, A game Game theory of film theory Heck even a food theory Just let her do with theory

Banana Boi

Matpat: you can only make netherite armor with diamond armor

Me: do you Minecraft.... you can craft it like any other armor 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😂😂😂

Marshall Cohen Carter

Bold of you to assume Minecraft diamond is the same as ours

Bora İsmail Eren

Yo matpat there is a strange thing going on, its almost the 10 year anniversary of herobrine and they've been putting "removed herobrine" in every update changelog since 2012 but they didnt put it in 1.16 update. You should check out whats going on. (Sorry for my bad english)

ERIC the great

Market therory

Zack Gilbert-Shapiro

The problem with videos trending on this channel is the fact that a lot of below-intelligent people who don't understand Matpat's logic tend to be the one's to just throw all of his theorising down the drain without second thought. It's a shame that all of his effort gets thrown away like that.

Nathan Macdonald

8:20 Nice

World Peace Deathray

Is this real life theory or game theory? Everyone knew the real-life science in the video, and just wanted to see something about Minecraft. Can we get classic Game Theory back please?

Nathan Montoya

But one thing that mat pat didn’t know is that netherite is crafted with gold so you get hardness and softness, boom just broke the whole theory

Ayden Card

New theory ancient debris is actually ancient fecal matter

Mr. Smith

Back here again because a Minecraft update just came out and Netherite doesn't bounce on lava anymore.

Smith Kids Smith

mat pat, its just a game

Juan Facundo Martinez


ich bin sicher chi

This link is not special.

DoritoZ FlamaZ

3:20 yeah I got a feature in this video 😎

Pablo Catungal

Dude it is just a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Calleja

Dude! The first time you asked what your fourth channel should be! I commented Conspiracy Theory! I can’t wait bro! I bet you’ll crush it!

Ian Corbett

Wood being below gold is debatable

Toli Ackermann

Aight, imma fight the ender dragon in leather armour then

Tonya Raw

Hey dummy your mind it was diamonds it's not the same thing you don't cover it over diamond armor it's literally titanium in Minecraft diamond is not stronger than titanium you're dumb you are super dumb Matt Pat Pat Pat super super super dumb

Zap Films

Netherite armour has a higher density than diamonds because of how it can survive in lava, maybe Minecraft lava has it so it can destroy higher densitys, like in the vid where you said stuff like sand and glass could survive, its density is higher because of many nether physics and its the only stuff that can survive lava, find what lava could destroy and use that for further analysis in you theorys

Keep up the good work

My mom Found my poop sock


Tekpir8 Reborn

You should totally make a mod or a plugin for Minecraft and call it Minecraft: Logical Edition

03 A Random noob

Now dantdm will throw away the diamond minecart and buy netherite minecart

1pro Sarazin

What about netherite tools


Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 13M subscribers!!!!!!! 11/8/20

cody bristow

They do that I want them to add chromium so I can have some stainless steel


r/ thanks I hate it

Shadow Pulse

Our first leak to the next channel yay

Jasper from SU

👁️ 👁️

GD Huo

I mean shovels and hoes

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