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00:01 Victoria Stoichkova (Виктория Стоичкова) - "Look What You Made Me Do" (Bulgaria)
02:08 Ivan Voron (Иван Ворон) - "Улица роз" (Ukraine)
04:47 Jean-Seb Carré - "Somebody" (Canada)
06:52 Jean-Seb Carré & Marc Dupré - "Summer Of '69" (Canada) [Encore]
08:34 Juliet Simms - "Oh Darling" (USA)
10:22 Samuel Guedes - "Still Loving You" (Spain)
12:20 Gypsy Jack (Джэк Гипси) - "Smoke On The Water" (Russia)
15:00 Telmuunbayar.Ts - "Crewcabanger" (Mongolia)
16:44 Hüda Toprak - "Islak Islak" (Turkey) [Encore]
19:13 Janis Dregeris - "Highway To Hell" (Lithuania)
20:51 Chiara Tahnee Lütje - "Decode" (Germany)
23:04 Lain Barbier - "Streets" (Netherlands | The Voice Senior)
24:58 Yvan Pedneault - "We Are The Champions" (Canada)
26:49 Natalie Brady - "Barracuda" (USA)
28:34 Yang Baoxin (杨宝心) - "Are You Ready" (China)
31:58 Stephen Hudson - "Heart Of Gold" (Ireland)
34:03 Mark Agpas - "Come Together" (Germany)
36:29 Ilu Pérez - "Crazy" (Spain)
38:23 Manny Cabo - "Here I Go Again" (USA)
40:19 Mary-Anne Bröllochs - "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (Germany)
42:27 Matt Eaves - "House Of The Rising Sun" (United Kingdom)
44:29 Christian Hedgren - "Run To The Hills" (Sweden)
46:41 Tom Jones - "A Whole Lotta Shakin'" (United Kingdom) [Bonus Track]


Gypsy jack is a LEGEND. This guy is a rock star!!! Wooow the only one who caught my attention is him. What a magnificent metal rock audition!!! Absolutely wonderful

devin mccurry

That guy playing guitar on the rising sun, looks like seth rogan 😂

devin mccurry

Anyone else no how red that dude's eyes was at the beginning

Diomar Pereira de Aquino

falar o q? sangue no olho e rock na veia simplesmente best all the best

Charr Ski

Wow - best ever!

andri Saputro

that turkish song is weird for me

Честь тебе, Тан

19:55 вот это байт

Julian Dancingshadow

that first chic was bad ass....... I believe girls can do the death rattle crap better than men especially when they hit the soft notes


a versão de Bryan Adams me deixou em extase (BRAZIL)

Леха Денисов


neycer Hn

15:4 name

Hail Hydra

Normally I don’t like listening to smoke on the water

Radouan Farhi


Willian Cavalheiro

O 3° The best. 👏👏👏

Dmitry Loshin

Блюет , гадит в микрофон , все рады ....Лучшее выступление в АДУ.


The guitar at 54m20s let him down. For sure.


How much fun is the band having ¿! Nòt doing those fekking pop songs all the time haha

Dead Metal

Will you please tell me the name of first lady singer please. I'm her big fan .please


what is that song that starts playing at 22:37

p1zza steve

0:38 #shimoro

Steven Chisham


Denis Bashkirov

Nice me Like: 1 voice Nice JOB!!!, 6 Voice good, 7 Voice =_= me need Fine - it is NICE NICE NICE, 12 Likes

Ly rm

29:05 yo tratando de seguir la letra de un idioma que claramente no sé jahdhdjd

Markee Laino

UK Voice judges seems to be deaf.

Vadim Klerman

17:20 What does a woman from the clothing market do in the jury?

Nuriyye Cavadova

Gypsy Jack....hellll yeeeaaah 🤟🤟🤟



Você para subir ali e cantar Scorpions tem que ser foda mesmo

Micky Ojeda

Cómo se llama la primera canción del vídeo?

prasoon dwivedi

That 3rd guy looked like Bryan adams..and had a good voice too...my fav.


Elitists: Power metal screams are silly and sound bad

Also Elitists: 15:18

Artrax01 Ranman

a la de crazy de españa le falto llevar el chicle y escupirlo como en el video hubiera sido genial

Callum Batkin

Summer of 69

edwin eisinhauwer

thumbs up to that guy who sang the house of the rising sun. great voice...

edwin eisinhauwer

steven tyler sang " smoke on the water" LOL!!

Blood Angel

42:28 Why can't you recognize talent?

Armando Castrejon

Estamos a años luz de la cultura Europea ... acá en México pura banda y narco corridos que pena

carlos cc

la de Brayam es genial

Seth Butler

Marry me Victoriaaaa! 😭🥰

Dimas Angga P


Awas copet

Ludmila Rybkina

Как же Иван Ворон похоже на Кипелова спел! ухх...

Ahmed Elheety

Mark Apgas killed it

francico diego silva maia

O povo besta se impressiona com pouco coisa

David Christoffersen

Even though I do not understand one word of Turkish , I see clearly how much he really wrenched his soul out in that song.

Christophe lord

The iron maiden of shit,it s the voice.its so funny,Bruce dickinson laugh with of me🤣the voice is merchandising,business,it s not music!!Real musiciens don t come in the voice,star academy or other suit!!!

Christophe lord

Bien les bouffons,ils sont contents🥳🥳les vrais artistes rigolent de ces émissions

Valdo vic

Some judges are not interested in metal rock. But honestly they era good and few singer can sang that nowadays

lee lane


Jorge Vidaña

Jypsy Jack, lo mejor que he visto en los ultimos años en el rock. - Jypsy Jack, the best thing I've seen in recent years in rock. -


asiaticos metaleros? tenia que verlo con mis propios ojos no podia creerlo generalmente los asiaticos escuchan kpop

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