Смотреть Far Cry 6 - Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward онлайн

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Get the first look at the next entry in the Far Cry series in this dramatic reveal for Far Cry 6.

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Matthew Christian

skyrim with guns 6

Seven Fold

nice Morgan Freeman is the new bad guy in Far Cry 6????????????????????

Ryan’s Coffee Hour

This trailer was profound in the most beautiful way


I wanted to see the boom

The Furqan Story

I have feeling that Far Cry 6 will be hogging AC Valhalla’s spotlight.

Hassan Faden


addan deith

Just realized Diego is Miguel from Coco(-‸ლ)


Best villain ever !!!! ????


Do we need to kill the kid too O.O ?

Samuel Almeida



Who clicked on because they saw Gustavo from Breaking bad ????

Vaibhav kumar

He look like Vikas dubey

Daniel Leite

The best villain in TV history (Giancarlo Esposito in Breaking Bad) is now playing as El President in FarCry, im pround of you ubisoft!

alexis arenas

There’s something off about this trailer that doesn’t fit right with me
why aren’t the characters speaking spanish

Put to mask on dammit

I'm unsubscribing




the last of us II what?

Monkin Da Pie

This will be round 2 for payday fans


O vengan a pelear conmigo...

O mueran!
~Gus Fring

its game

is this going come to steam ?

The StompArtist

When you realize that this is actually a game


Sure gus will remember the bomb????


I´m a beautiful man. 10/10. I´m perfect. But I´m also useless.

Neon Power

Plot twist:- make it Ben dem is back

iBungler - Tech Videos

what is Gustavo from Breaking Bad doin in this game?

Petr Němec

Parenting one-o-one.

Akshay Raut

Far Cry 3 : Nacho as villain
Far Cry 6 : Gus as villain
Far Cry 9 : ?

Mr. George

He is not wrong about some things.


At some point, I'm wondering if there is a reason not to shoot the scene for real as it almost doesn't even look like a video game cinematic anymore.

Jonathan Vieira


Regis Traiter

Everybody: Far Cry 6!!
Also everybody: It's Gus Fring!!
Me: reinstalls Tropico


More on the nose garbage propaganda games by Ubisoft.

Kevin Johnson

Gus Fring got a little out of control i see


finally a hispanic latino character

Diffuser 24

Kid listens to banging music The dad gives the kid a grenade* NO PAPA PL- BOOM

Dame Time

Farcry 6: Venezuela

Diffuser 24

I wonder what that song is?

gazza gazza

Ino how this child feels....this is how I feel when I ask the wife for a lads night

epic gamer man 69 gamer man

wow didn't know the doctor survived in payday 2

nivla black

And after he holds the grenade i heard a bell ringing and Gus was like.. NOooooooooooo! Farcry 6 Los Pollos Hermanos edition.

Tiny Bruiser

0:08 song?


So judging by the info gathered by polish forum on the far cry 6 subject
We are getting Cuban Third Person Shoter, with either Diego Castro being the antagonist or Fidel Castro being the antagonist with the past of far cry 5 and far cry new dawn, we also are getting an rpg shoter

The Open Rift

A great allegory for western oligarchy and fascism. I missed Far Cry, I'm damn hyped for this

hercules Puga


udit chattoraj

the kid is vaas from far cry 3


Bhai yaar gadar h

The Big Chungus



Apparently people think Diego is Vaas ???????? anyway here’s to hoping this game isnt boring

Anderson Jonathan

By now, gus fear "ring ring ring" instead of "boom".

Raman Tiwari

It's like a movie

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