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Lucifer is back and acting...strange. Get ready - this season all your desires will be fulfilled. Season 5 Part 1 premieres August 21 only on Netflix.

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Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Lucifer makes a tumultuous return, Chloe rethinks romance, Ella finally finds a nice guy, and Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing.

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Christopher Morales

Oh my god I’m SO EXCITED!!! Also everyone this is the first half of the season, the next half’s air date is unknown and EVERYONE THIS IS NOT THE LAST SEASON. They got renewed for another season said the 6th Season will be the final one. SO HAPPY, we get to see more LUCIFER!!!! ????


I just watch this TRAILER 21 TIMES!!!!


Noooo why

Fandom Cake

I'm sorry WHAT?

swati agarwal

IMAO!! My life just got bearable now!!

Аня Драгоман

Ооо... это будет что-то интересное ????

malak aklil

wtf netflix really Michael

*xXCookie WolfXx*

Uh oh- this season looks good

Ahmed Dragos

Hello detective


ждать хуйня осталоось) возрадуемся


Everything is normal for douche...????????????

Hercules 101

Does Michael have a American accent?

Nirmala Hembram

Who is here for their daily dose till Season 5 arrives ????????‍♀️


Should I watch this tv show

Elene Elene

The person who lived to see Tom Ellis’ butt is in heaven now

Sarah Stanford

felt like I watched the whole season already...

Dennis Quiah

Why is micheal the arc angel lucifer
Twin brother????

Sir Cap-A-Lot

I knew Michael was coming but not like this ????


I love Lucifer!!

Dania Ds

oh no. soo bad idea. twins are boring


How many of you realized he is whistling the theme intro song ?


Me: Netflix, thank you sooo much for saving this show!
Netflix: You're welcome. Have a look at Season 5.
Me: ???? F*ck you, Netflix, those were my brains you just blew all over the wall!


Aug 21st is gonna be when I’m in school f***

Garrett Rowe

I kinda wish I didn’t come out cuz now I’m so excited I just can’t wait

collis paisley

Well lucifer is gonna be mad when he finds out his brother bang his Detective

Sonam Doima


Spit Fireking

This is finna get real hot soon

Fatih Çikdemtepe



Omg i cant waiiit!! That better be the real lucifer she slept with or im gonna be pissed off



Haila Perez

I’m so glad that Ian isn’t doing the show i’m not saying in a bad way but nobody can replace Tom he is and always will be Lucifer

ssob mosmik

i hope this movie have more season

Rupam Malakar

Never thought there's gonna be another one. Liked the trailer.

chobiya ashwini

Now suddenly next month feels like eternally far!

I am Human

They gave away the biggest plot twist. WTAF is wrong with these morons who cut the trailers???

Freddie Mercury

Not too excited about this plot, don't like actors playing multiple characters. Never liked the doppelgangers in Vampire Diaries

Ben Dalkin


Lukas Schimik

"You've stolen me and I'm here to take myself back!"

Serial Killer


Lee B

Next to suits this is my favorite show well there is the blacklist as well lol


Михаил уходи, Люцифера нам верни!

Ashar Leon

Yes this looks like it's gonna be awesome

dk the dude

So old concept to end series that lucifer's twin....i expected something new and better..

Jocelyn Gomez

0:35 I got some Say Amen (Saturday Night) vibes

Ayush S

Why did u spoil the whole thing

Burn LGR

At 0:36 that "Hello bad guys" Get me every time ah ah ah hahaha love it

Amelia Taylor

This is the most unnecessary trailer I've ever seen....Why would you spoil such an amazing plot twist??????????????????...I wish I could unsee this

Nikita Gigi George

Wont Chloe find out when Michael doesnt bleed when she's around? Or will he make an excuse for that as well?


I SWEAR TO GOD, if Chloe sleeps with that FRIGGIN MICHAEL, I Will break all things around me! I have been waiting for thiiisss, BUT IF IT TURNS OUT TO BE MICHAEL, IMMA....&!#^×_€××^/-&!!! !!????????????????????
I lose all the words.. but I really wanna watch this SOON, to prove it, to see with my own eyes that IT'S OUR LUCI WHO GETS IT!! ????????????☠????????


серьезно? его же закрыли

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