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"The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady" available everywhere now: https://KidCudi.lnk.to/TAOMMASSVD

Music video by Kid Cudi performing The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Addys Adventures

Eminem ruined this song.

Sipho Dikhoba

Kid cudi's bars are too weak i mean he's in de same song with de rap god aint hating ur verse is trash bruh actually expected more from you than Eminem its a good thing its your song ???? ????

Logical Eye

Sounds like ASAP rocky vibe

Nathaniel Garcia

Sounds like he is sounding like ski mask the slump God

Mark Witt

I've listened to this song 843 times already..

Mr.Impulse _

beat is sick

Manuel Sotelo

This aint slim shady this is em.. but he tried A for effort

Leszek Lata

nice work!!!

Dipesh Das

Is it just me or the Kid Cudi verse reminds y'all of old A$AP Rocky?

Luis Alpizar

Eminem is out of this world.

nate boehm

delicate taylor swift

Mattathias Nghishoongele


Genre Vide

.. em still has some of the most clever writing period..

EminemIsBetterThan You

I'm 100% sure Slim was the best one in this song

דרסי אסף

M is the mj of rap!goat❤️????????

Mohamed Mohamed

Em id dissing someone who?

iHate thEinternet

Good until Marshall Mathers started virtue signaling. He has nothing to say.....

Norlan Zeledon


Katherine Taylor

Love this

Anders Gemkvist

A storm is coming.....tick tock.

Ellis Just Dropped a comment

Has no one else noticed Em sent for drake when he done the hotline bar you hear him say bling in the background ????????????????????????????


"Triple fat goose" sounds like track 20


fire asf ????


"Sort of like medussa. That's how you stay ahead of snakes" ???????????? #Em4President

Michael Lucas

Em's verse " kind of like Medusa. Thats how I stay a hed of snakes " ..... Dope ass line !!

Hisham Dawod

crazy how lately I've been on a streak listening to all the good shit that Cudi did in the past and now he comes in and drop this, can't imagine a better quarantine

gary jah jah

divoc 91 virus

Maison Devore

“Can’t stop a hero, when he in flight”- gives me chills.

COZY Willis

Shits trash. I miss the old Cudi

And that's it Jerry

3:24 - 3:34 Soooo catchy my God! That rhyming skills maan


1:51 !!!!! ????????????????????????????????????

INate 13

Need to take on those
undercover GIANTS ????

Chris Heckert

Well... There was 1 good rapper on this

From the 702

Kudi with the 69 reference

Elyse N

The beginning gives me Wiz Kahlifa vibes


This just made me pull over and run it back. I was head bobbin at 1st but now on the 2nd play im like ????????????. Too sick with the wordplay

Terry Tmoney

Liked it till these privileged morons bring political bs into songs.

L burnstein

I know everyone wanna talk about EMS verse..ya it was dope af..but cudi set the tone..his verse goes super hard


too much ????????????

Shabaz Ahmed


Takudzwa Patrick Razika-Mangwiro Jnr

Kid Cudi and Eminem should just do an album though.


I came here to hear both verses, show some respect for Kid Cudi.

Cris Reed

Instant Classic


Only thing is rlly bad about this song...

Name of this Song is too big and when I'm searching for it it takes a while

dekcufdnim 27

This put a big smile on my face, thanks!!????


Why y'all talkin about eminem kid cudi is fire af

Kaushik Katdare

EMINEM is more DOPE than WEED !!!

Matt Ringler

LMAO.. have fun when u got to see them in person.. should be a hell of an experience.....????????????

Frequency 520


Kacper Mroziu

Is it only me the r the vocals are untouched and left like it is ?

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