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Pop Smoke - The Woo (Audio) ft. 50 Cent, Roddy Ricch
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Directed by Toonboi

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Music video by Pop Smoke performing The Woo (Audio). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. & Victor Victor Worldwide


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Jacob Jordan

Only people who didnt come from Tik Tok can like????

MilAn 03

why is he gone maan ????????

Conner Ertel

Only people that TikTok like this didn’t


If he was alive this many people wouldn’t have known of pop smoke! Unfortunately, people only discover you once you’re gone! RIP SMOKE ????

i missed the joke

the 3 cool kids in school when they get picked in a math group


Phone. Chain. Body ya Selphy lol

Ese Osarhieme

0:20 645AR killed it on the ad-lib’s

elvis 22ks

50 cent feat 50 cent 2.0


????Imagine if pop smoke survived those bullets and then released this album, it’d be his very own get rich or die tryin damn ????

Jerin fiha

His new album just makes me so sad and it reminds me that legends keep leaving this earth and it hurts cuz Oop was talented and his songs actually hit different if yk,yk buttt LET ME TAKE U TO THE CANDY SHOP if u didn’t smile when that came on ur not a pop fan

Alexis Velasquez



Pop smoke and roddy ricch r my fav rappers????????????

Ismaeel Ashraf Mirza

Only ppl who did not come from TikTok are worthy of liking this comment.

Jamie Ciccone



50 cent coverd all pop smokes stuff because pop he dont use auto tune and he wouldve madethis song more deep


Why didn’t he have like a security team why didn’t he see this coming must have had enemy’s for sure bless him had lots to live for

Jaida’s tv

I miss you

jashani duporte

Gone but not forgotten legend????????


the beat at the start reminds me of Camilo Cabello.


50 did a great job putting this together.


Imagine if juice didnt have a heart attack on the plane, if x wasnt at the dealership, if they knew who pop was, and if nip wasnt at the store that day

Rain Cub

Pop would have been 21 in 3 dayssss.... I cant????????

Andrei Ion

It’s a shame tik tok ruined this song as well

Andre Naidoo

Bruh I can’t stand roddy voice no more , dope ass track tho

Skippy The Turtle



I made a song to this beat about 6 months ago ???????? check out the music video https://youtu.be/GdAs1eBvKxo


Emmanuel Elisha

Happy birthday in advance Pop smoke ????????

Jerald John

I cant tell which one is pop smoke and 50 cent


Who wanna fuck with the Woo?

Charming nowhere to hide

blick who you with?

Merii Clauss


Kylove Love

Rip smoke gone way to soon ????????he remind me so much of 50 cent

Dude Man


Dude Man


Dude Man

2:22 is fire ????????????????????



Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur

Bruno, GucciMane, Kodak vs 50, Pop, and Roddy.

Jacob Tamayo

When he does the woo it’s hits different Bc just listen to his voice!

Kenechukwu Eze

RIP to Juice WRLD n' Pop Smoke

Kenechukwu Eze

Yeah 50 Cent

King Muse

Life isn’t fair he wasn’t this famous before he died now he on top but

Jake Irvine


Jojo Schroeder

WTF????? She wants to what? As usual everyone concludes their opinion before they even heard her's...
How do you know what she wants? You have never seen her! Besides what have y'all spent your life with? She probably never had time to even do what you do because she is busy spending her time thinking at EVERY FUCKING BODY!

Lil berry _79lit9

Man we all want to see a music video

Pankaj Kumar

Everyone came here to listen ooohh!!!

jules Williams

this finna go on the playlist along with other songs

jules Williams



50 killed him


Man this song is fire RIP to Pop Smoke men I really was just getting started with his Music. Sucks too see him go like this may the killers burn in hell

anthony jones

Tyga killed this shit rip pop smoke

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