Смотреть Ford vs Ferrari, the story of the Ford GT40 on "Behind the Headlights" онлайн

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Please read ALL my comments before you view this video.
The story of the Ford GT40 and how it beat Ferrari at Le Mans in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969 from the Speed Channel show "Behind the Headlights".
Just to let everyone know, this video was recorded off cable TV back in 2004, it's not in HD, the sound isn't the greatest and it contains commercials from that era (you can FF through them if you wish). If you can't handle that, please don't watch it.

Видео Ford vs Ferrari, the story of the Ford GT40 on "Behind the Headlights" можно смотреть с помощью отличного плеера, который работает на любом мобильном устройстве - android, iOS и других популярных гаджетах.



Mclaren should have been brave enough to hand ken the trophy. Ken raced his way into the lives of every racing fan. RIP Ken.

Kos Mati

Eight ad breaks in one hour? Is this what TV looks like? Wow...


A Netscape Navigator commercial! Ha! Awesome.


Ford vs Ferrari & Rush are two great flicks about racing. A movie covering true racing events are not easy movies to produce. But Ron Howard & James Mangold do great jobs on each. And for what it’s worth, Ford vs Ferrari is very much centered around British driver Ken Miles...and that exactly who it should’ve been about. He poured his heart and soul into the Ford GT40 program and was robbed for being a “team player” after slowing his pace at Le Mans so that Ford could cross the finish line 1..2..3 and a “technicality” forever removed his name from being the Triple Crown winner.

stephen ortega

ford spent all that money... still now people would rather prefer a ferrari in their driveway than a ford..

Gomer Haefen

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айлык алгыныз келеби? Бирок сиз бала менен уйдо о

Patrick Miller

Too many commercials for me.

George Mallory

Henry Ford II did not replace his aging uncle, Edsel! Edsel was his father and he died at age 49. Wtf?

Eyes Wide Shut

Ford vs. Ferrari WHO???? 8:30 NetZero vs. Netscape...Now thats the reason to be here!

LadyLversatility J

Did y'all realize what the news guy said at 2:00 lmao wtf . after replacing what ?????....

Daneljess Graham

Americans... even their adverts are done like a drive by


I don't get it. You are cutting parts of the programming, yet leaving in all the commercials? I didn't come here to watch outdated ads.


Ken Miles Greatest of All-Time R.I.P.

Nathan America

Hats off to Ken Miles!!!

James Milne

21:59 "we had mechanics from New Zealand".... [first country that Shelby mentions]. Bruce McLaren (great engineer) and race car driver and Chris Amon (who Enzo Ferrari himself called the best test driver he ever worked with) piloted that black Ford across the line in first place. While neither Bruce or Chris (or Denny Hulme who was sitting in the car when Miles wasn't, and only Kiwi F1 champion) were talked about at all in the film, THIS WAS A KIWI TRIUMPH. Screw anything else 3 of the top 4 steps were occupied by New Zealanders. And all these guys contributed to the development of that car.

Tina Hertel

To much Bullshit talk from otherwise serious people. One or two or..... wins with one car is not worth to make a story. Compared to the wins of Ferrari or Porsche or Mercedes or other Le Man winners , just not worth to watch!

William Tew

Too many ads


Two names of very great Drivers were absent or downplayed in the latest movie effort, Lloyd Ruby and Bruce Mclaren ,another was Lola, the car the GT40 is based on. plus the fact there were Three Kiwi Drivers,McLaren, Amon and Denny Hulme. ambassadors of a tiny nation most people don't even know where it is.

Tahzib Hussaini

and then came Porsche and dominated and is still dominating France.....

Elena Petrova

Thank you so much for the great movie! Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles are great personalities.????????

Kregg Barnhart

Actually I lived this era in Ford Racing with my friends and my buddy who's dad owned a Ford dealership got a new Boss 302 for HS graduation, lucky bummer. :-) Always had a lust for a new Pantera when you could buy a new one from the Mercury dealer. A tad more than my budget could afford at the time but the lust has never left even as an old man.

Len Holloway

The Cobra was made by AC (auto Carrier) an English car maker and only modified by shelby

Charlie Wolf

Netscape? What is this? The Nineteen Nineties?

richard carr

great video horrible sound !!! edit this and ditch the commercials sheeeesh

Dino Larson

Screw this....more ad time than program. (watch....see....) And I won't see the movie with American-traitor big-time-asshole Damon. Trump ruin America, Matt? Biggest employment-surge, wealth-development at the lower-incomes- end in world history. 401's rocketing! All despite non-stop mendacious Leftist attacks and baseless "investigations".

Robert Mamarella

I miss Carol,and Dan Dearly. There will never be anything like them again.

Nathan Montalvo


Patrick Pat

Great story but I can't deal with the sound quality

John Ringel

Edsel Ford was Henry 2 father, not his uncle. Edsel had died, and Ford Motor Company was again being led by a ageing Henry Ford. Henry 2 was always aware that he lived in his grandfather shadow, and was determined to forge his own Legacy at Ford. He Did.

Dave Watson

Too Many Commercials

John Techwriter

I guess only old fat balding white guys are entitled to an opinion in this doc.

Nich Hodge

Christ how many ad breaks does American tv have in an hour? In England we have 3 in an hour

Nich Hodge

Why Ferrari sold to Fiat god knows why. But Fiat own Ferrari and Juventus 2 this I absolutely love

Nich Hodge

The GT 40 was a carbon copy of the English Lola Mk4 and if it wasn’t for the Lola Ford wouldn’t have won. Though you need decent drivers

Doug Auzene

The GT-40 ...A Proud Product Of MY Generation: Top That, Millenials! ;-)

slag man

More fucking commercials than video...SHEESH!

Merah Putih

4 me ken miles is la lagend..the hero..rest n peave 4 ken miles..


The thing is, Enzo Ferrari DID NOT back out of the negotiations, he simply out-negotiated Henry Ford II as he was prepared to sell the whole lot of Ferrari EXCEPT Scuderia Ferrari, the racing team, which was all that Ford was really interested in.
I'm glad it turned out that way as both the GT40 and its Le Mans story is the stuff of legends, just needed to put the record straight.
Also worth remembering, as pointed out in the film, the 427ci engine was not fully stressed all through the race as it was around two whole litres bigger than the Ferrari engines, that, and Ford's near bottomless pit of a chequebook, would have pretty much guaranteed Ford's victories.

Alain Vosselman

hehe..;sending your gofur to go see a man like Enzo Ferrari, proposing to buy his company... That clearly showed respect for European tradition... LOL


General Motors commercials on a show about ford.. Figures..

Peter Mordan

Funny how they were right hand drive

Steven Runyon

I just saw Stewart from big bang theory in a Netscape commercial. Lol

Brendan Dey

Rip ken miles =(

Van Athens

FORD GT American engineering Vs Farrari...

JD Racing 84

Carol Shelby has been a hero of mine since I was a child. As someone who clearly (If you look at my username it's pretty damn obvious) loves the automobile, Carol Shelby embodies the American Dream in so so many ways. I've been fortunate enough to have a ride in a Shelby GT 500 Mustang with Carol's signature on the dash. Just seeing that name sitting in that car, knowing to put it there he was sitting in the same seat I did put chills up my spine.

The day Shelby passed I got very emotional. I hope the movie and videos like this serve to make him a hero to a new generation of young people and it kindles a passion for cars for them the way he kindled that passion in my life just by learning of his life story over the years through programs like this.


And this became a great movie.. a must see...

Great Idea

Are we supposed to be patriotic about Ford's win? It was an ego trip, pure and simple, that led Ford to spend more than anyone else to defeat Enzo Ferrari. In line with that, he wanted a photo finish for his cars...and no one would get in the way of that. The bottom line was: he paid for it, so he was in the position to tell his drivers what to do. He was the boss. But when he fucked with the finish--and Ken Miles was robbed of what should have been his win[because of a technicality in the rules that would not have been invoked had Ford not wanted a photo finish] he demonstrated how willing he was to pay any price.

I am old enough to remember this, and was a big fan of Ford at the time[I was 16]. I was also naive enough to believe the bullshit of the US government, and how egos can run foreign policy.

Blacktooth Fox

Thanks for uploading

All those adverts!
Haha bless you buddy, love from a UK racing fan. Great video mate

Michael Martinez

This was AWESOME!!!


Thanks for the upload Jim

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