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Mishka Yaponchik was an Ukrainian gangster, Jewish revolutionary and Soviet military leader. His commanding personality and unconventional nature led Isaak Babel to base his character Benia Krik in The Odessa Tales on this legendary criminal.

Born Moisei Vinnitsky, Yaponchik was an exceptional and eccentric character. He rose quickly through the ranks of the criminal world, becoming head of the mob and establishing his own code of conduct forbidding the robbing of the poor and professional classes. Hailed as the next Robin Hood, he held the hearts of the people in his hand and soon controlled the entire city.

Artistic and witty, his bold crimes played out like mini dramas but Yaponchik, always calculating his next move, also had a generous nature. He held huge feasts for the whole population of Odessa, giving money and food to orphans, the homeless, the unemployed, newlyweds as well as families who had fallen victim to gangster crime.

Yaponchik was in power for only three years from 1917 to 1919, but these were the most dramatic years of his life, filled with more action than most people experience in an entire lifetime - his rise to power, his daring crimes, his idealism and generosity and his love of two women - his beautiful wife, Tsilia and anarchist Lisa, his loyal accomplice who remained by his side until the end.

Type: TV series
Genre: adventure melodrama
Year of production: 2011
Duration: 12x50 minutes
Directed by: Sergey Ginzburg
Written by: Maksim Belozor
Director of photography: Eduard Moshkovich
Music by: Vladimir Davydenko
Producers: Vitaliy Bordachev, Vlad Ryashin
Cast: Evgeniy Tkachuk, Elena Shamova, Valentin Gaft, Rimma Markova, Vsevolod Shilovskiy, Vladimir Dolinskiy, Aleksey Filimonov, Artem Tkachenko, Oleg Shkol'nik, Irina Tokarchuk

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Видео Once Upon a Time in Odessa - Episode 9. Tv Series. StarMedia. Adventure Melodrama. English Subtitles можно смотреть с помощью отличного плеера, который работает на любом мобильном устройстве - android, iOS и других популярных гаджетах.


Shannon Yaroshevsky

Man I cried at this part

Soto Gremble

Ill give it 3 stars so far, because i dont want it to end, but ive had to fast forward through all the awful lounge acts. The scene is in every episode, more than once. Doesnt add anything to the movie but you have to watch for important dialog. I missed the part where he stole the girl from yasha by doing that!


Communism is rotten to the core.


Why Palchik did that ?

Mireille Scott

brilliant drama brilliant acting .,...got me glued to my screen

Sarah Hunter Carson

This is an excellent, well-acted series. I would just point out, though, that it says 'no mature content', whereas in fact there are some violent scenes.

Timothy Cai

thanks for the Eng subs!!!!! looking forward to more!!!

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